Minimum Deposit$250$20,000
LeverageFrom 1:50 (Up to 1:500*)From 1:50 (Up to 1:200*)
Execution TypeMarketMarket
Instruments AvailableForex, Metals, Commod. & IndicesForex, Metals, Commod. & Indices
Minimum Trade Size0.01 Lot0.01 Lot
Maximum Trade Size2030
SpreadsVariable from 1.4Variable from 0.5 pips
Commission$0 Commission on FX $5 Commission per round lot on FX
 *$8 per round lot on (DAX,CAC,FTSE, DOW, NASDAQ, S&P,Corn,Wheat)*$10 per round lot on (DAX,CAC,FTSE, DOW, NASDAQ, S&P,Corn,Wheat)
Margin Call100%100%
Stop out70%70%
EAs supported
VIP Services
Mobile App
MT4 platform
Trading Times24/524/5


*Default leverage is 1:50 ,
*Trading on higher leverage needs to be requested by the client pending the suitability test.