OX Markets Risk Management (RM) tool is considered essential for the safeguarding of traders’ funds from exposure to trades that may threaten their account balances. With OX Markets' RM tool traders may identify trades that are the most suited to their trading potential and in line with the risk/reward ratio they are willing to accept.

OX Markets’ RM tool also involves the creation of a secured and segregated non-trading account* where a trader can place their funds and still maintain the margin power of their overall portfolio. Segregated accounts are similar to regular bank accounts; traders can deposit their earnings and keep them completely separate from all their other trading activities. Traders are also free to transfer funds between their segregated and trading accounts at any time.

In addition, in order to avoid currency conversions, OX Markets encourages traders to open a segregated account in the currency they will be making deposits in. Once a trader makes their first deposit, the OX Markets team will provide clear instructions as to how the segregated account can be used.

*Segregated accounts can be applied to accounts with a minimum of 100,000 EUR/USD or equivalent.

Balance AmountLeverage Level
$0 – $10,000Up to 1:50
$10,001 – $50,000Up to 1:300
$50,001 – and aboveUp to 1:100